Dozens Stuck Upside Down On Stalled Rollercoaster

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Guests at Universal Studios Japan in Osaka had to sit upside down 100 feet in the air for two hours after The Flying Dinosaur ride malfunctioned. The rollercoaster, which is based on the movie Jurassic Park, more than likely suffered an engine issue that caused the emergency stop.

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Whatever happened activated a safety mechanism, which, despite the uncomfortable position of some of the riders, likely saved them from a much more dangerous scenario. There were two cars in motion at the time, with one ending up at terminal level, where the other wasn’t as lucky. Dozens of passengers were left dangling for what must’ve felt like much longer than 120 minutes.

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Amusement park rides are scary enough when they’re working properly. This one has the world’s longest track at 1,124 meters and the farthest initial drop at 37.8 meters. The three minute ride is promoted on their website with this description, "An out-of-control Pteranodon will seize you from behind and pull you high into the sky, with nothing but air space between you and the ground! This over-the-top, thrilling experience will swing you 360 degrees through the world of Jurassic Park.” The riders definitely got that and much more.

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In response, local news outlets began covering the terrifying event live, sending helicopters to capture the harrowing images of the upside down men, women and children. Thankfully, the coverage had a happy ending. Theme park staff walked the group down an aisle that runs along the side of the ride. After the previous passengers made it off safely, with no injuries reported, it reopened and new people lined up as though nothing had happened. And this wasn’t a singular event. The ride had similar issues last year. Check out the video below for POV footage of The Flying Dinosaur...

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