Death Diving In Norway’s Bellyflop Contest

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Bellyflopping is always a risk for anyone who loves diving into a swimming pool. Some do it intentionally for a laugh, while others do it by mistake and feel the pain. But in Norway, a rare group of daring individuals have actually turned bellyflopping, or as they call it, “death diving,” into a legitimate competition. The Dødsing contest sees fearless competitors launching themselves off a 30-foot-high platform making the most creative poses possible.

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This year’s marks the tenth anniversary of the crazy and hilarious contest, but death diving has been happening in Norway since the 1950s. Apparently, 30 years before the sport really took off, it was pioneered at Frognerbadet public swimming facility in Majorstua, Oslo. Unfortunately, after its brief popularity in the ‘80s, Dødsing faded away. It has since been resurrected and the competition has never been more popular.

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The annual World Championships take place in Oslo, where eager fans come to watch the daring athletes risk it all for the glory, and videos of the event are seen by millions online. People all over the world love watching the competitors strike the most ridiculous poses they can think of on their way down to an epic bellyflop. As funny as it sounds, they actually take it very seriously.

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This year, Emil Lybekk won after a sideways sausage roll jump. He told Visit Norway, “What motivates me is the whole scene and how we get along in our death diving districts. We travel around Norway and do death diving at festivals and events, and you feel like you belong to a big group of mates. You're one of the guys, so to speak." Check out some highlights from the finals in the video below…

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