These Are The Deadliest Snakes On The Planet

October 23, 2017 | Matt

King Cobra

Snakes are one of the most common human phobias. Some researchers postulate that we may actually all have a genetic memory from when snakes posed one of the gravest mortal threats to our ancient ancestors. And considering how deadly the snakes on this list are, it’s easy to see why our cavemen forebears may have looked very, very closely at where they were walking.

The first snake on the list is the King Cobra, which is found throughout Asia and the jungles of India. It’s famous around the world as being extremely venomous.

King Cobras mostly eat other snakes, lizards and whatever rodents it can catch. The average King Cobra has adequate neurotoxin in its venom to kill an elephant. Untreated bite survival in humans in about 40%.