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You’d think some of the more difficult things about having a prosthetic arm would be learning how to use it and adjusting to a completely new way of life. While this is certainly true, for the most part, it’s not always the case. Sometimes the biggest struggle can be incredibly relatable. One of the most common problems anyone can run into is a dead phone and having no way to charge it. Well, combine these two issues, and you have what happened to a young woman last weekend.

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Angel Giuffria recently attended the South by Southwest festival (SXSW) in Austin, Texas. She is a 28 year old bionics advocate and actress who was there to demonstrate the use of her lifelike robotic arm. In a series of tweets, Giuffria recounted a surprisingly frustrating situation where she was unable to get people to give up an outlet so she could charge her bionic arm.

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She was born without her left arm below the elbow. After a series of different prosthetics she current uses the latest, motorized technology. While this has plenty of benefits, a definite downside is that it often requires charging, which normally wouldn’t be a big deal. She typically charges it next to her phone while she sleeps, but on this particular occasion she accidentally forgot to plug it in the night before. No big deal, right? Surely someone will sacrifice the extra juice for their phone. Wrong.

Twitter - @aannggeellll

Luckily, she finally found an outlet and was able to charge her arm, but never let the annoyance get to her. She even tweeted, with the hilarious hashtag #cyborgproblems, "Y’all I’m not mad at them! I thought it was funny (bc there was another plug nearby.) For all I know, they were confused by the entire situation since everyone here at #SXSW seems to think my arm is a video game fashion statement or fancy lit up glove not a prosthesis." Check out the video below to see Angel talk about her professional challenges...


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