Check Out The Best And Worst Celebrity Investors

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Celebrities who become investors have varying levels of success. While Mark Cuban certainly counts, he, and others like him, aren’t included here because their fame was brought on by their investment history. All of the famous people discussed were well-known athletes, movie stars and musicians before the made the money they ended up using in a variety of fields, from tech start-ups and app funding to supporting businesses and backing entrepreneurs. This article will be broken into three sections: Celebrities with the Most Success, Mixed Success and Least Success. You’ll definitely be surprised by who ends up where…

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Ellen DeGeneres is known as the current queen of daytime television, but what many of her fans don’t know is that she is arguably as successful in her other career as a house-flipping real estate investor. Along with her wife, actress Portia de Rossi, Ellen has owned, flipped and sold over a dozen properties. The couple will purchase and renovate the homes, the sizes and styles of which vary greatly, to sell for profit. She even did this with a $40 million mansion that she flipped for a $15 million payday.

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