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Sneaker culture has never been bigger than it is right now. With insanely popular brands like Nike and Adidas going head-to-head, it’s always exciting to see what each company has to offer. Thousands of devotees wait for every new release and discuss what they think as soon as possible. Beyond the style and look, brands use innovative comfort technology to enhance the functionality of the shoes. Adidas has Boost, and many are saying Nike is responding with React.

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This week they debuted their newest Flyknit running shoe, the Epic React. Following the last version, this shoe is 11% softer, 13% bouncier and 5% lighter, which makes it one of the lightest on the market. In addition to the weight benefits, it's also durable. The foam midsole provides a soft feel, impact protection and energy return. The deeper parts are more cushioned and the shallow parts are more firm.

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While elements of the foam technology have been around for a while, this is definitely still an innovation. Nike chemists spent the last few years developing the ingredients and after hundreds of different combinations they finally landed on this one. Using heat map technology, the designers determined where and how to focus the build of the shoe. Following the crunching of multiple mathematical formulas, they created what they call "fluid geometry" to amplify athletic performance.

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The silhouette is stylish and modern, similar to other Nike and Adidas running shoes that are worn as much for fashion as exercise. So far the shoes have been met with positive reviews, but only time will tell if they can compete with Adidas. From the Air Jordans to the Yeezys, both coming from the brands' collaborations with Michael Jordan and Kanye West, respectively, these two companies are the best in the business. Watch the video below to see what went into the development of the Epic React Flyknit technology...

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