6 Castles That Cost Less Than Apartments in NYC [Photos]

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Okay, what's more impressive: saying, "I live in NYC," or saying. "I LIVE IN A CASTLE"? I believe that most people would agree that living in a castle outweighs any location - even New York City. I mean sure, these castles are in the middle of who knows where...but still...they're Castles!

1. CASTLE COST: $1,621,200

This castle for sale in France is located in the countryside of Armagnac in the Gers.

Moulin Moulin

6 bedrooms,  3 levels, a huge park, bedrooms, a study, and a grand entrance hall.

Chateaux Belles Demeures.com Chateaux Belles Demeures.com

Now lets compare this to an apartment for sale in NYC...

1. NYC APARTMENT COST:  $1,650,000

It's a 1 bedroom, 1.5 bath located in Midtown.

Zillow Zillow

It's right across from the UN building which is really cool.

Zillow Zillow

Unfortunately, it's not a castle so it's only 1, 242 square feet.

2. CASTLE PRICE: $2,325,956

For almost $2.5 million, you're getting 10 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, and 27 acres of land all your own. There's a wine cellar, a guest house, and huge "function" rooms that can hold over 200 people.

Polaroid Blip Foto Polaroid Blip Foto

You could throw some seriously awesome parties here! Or, you can be dumb and buy an apartment in NYC...

2. NYC APARTMENT PRICE: $2,550,000

For MORE money, you can buy this piece of crap apartment in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

BuzzFeed BuzzFeed

Apparently, it has the "potential" to have a yard. Yeah, you're paying over $2 million to have an almost-backyard. YOU COULD HAVE HAD 27 ACRES, BRO!

3. CASTLE PRICE: $5,674,200

Located in the lush green lands of Dorgogne, France, this castle is not messing around. Its gingerbread vibes are the result of Napoleon III building style.

Prestige Property Prestige Property

Although the castle is not edible, it does have 24 bedrooms and has a total of 22,066 square feet of living space.

Moulin Moulin

Yeah, good luck trying to replicate that in NYC. You'll have to sell all of your organs and probably 10000000 other people's to get a castle like that in NYC. Or, you can just "settle" and get the castle on the next page.

3. NYC APARTMENT PRICE: $7,890,000

Come home to this... beautiful duplex! It has 3.5 baths.

BuzzFeed BuzzFeed

It also has 6 bedrooms and a balcony and a "backyard". It's practically a castle!! (It's not a castle.)

4. CASTLE PRICE: $2,609,939

Moulin Moulin

7 bedrooms, 7 baths, and over 8,000 square feet. It also conveniently comes with its own barns and stables for equestrians.

4. NYC APARTMENT PRICE: $2,999,000

BuzzFeed BuzzFeed

It's an 80 by 120 foot lot in Crown Heights.

Wow, think of all you can do with it! I mean, you're probably already out of money because you spent almost $3 million on some pavement but sometimes, it's just nice to dream, you know? And sometimes, dreams are better when you pay $2,999,000 for them. Yes, yes indeed.

5. CASTLE PRICE: $3,782,800

Moulin Moulin

This Disney-like castle is over 12,000 square feet and also boasts over 40 acres of land. You can star in your own movie as royalty if you live here.

5. NYC APARTMENT PRICE: $4,890,000

BuzzFeed BuzzFeed

5 bedrooms, 1,331 square feet. You could film your movie of royalty turned pauper here!

6. CASTLE PRICE: $5,495,000

REW Online REW Online

Almost $5.5 million gets you 45 bedrooms and 45 bathrooms. A bedroom for each cat! It's also very old with some construction dating back to the 7th century. Radical.

6. NYC APARTMENT PRICE: $5,495,000

BuzzFeed BuzzFeed

A 4-bedroom townhouse in Greenwich Village will set you back the same amount. So, remember, you're getting 41 less bedrooms in this one. Sadface.

So, remember, when you have to choose between being a castle owner or a apartment owner - always choose to be a castle owner. It's significantly more badass.

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