Brandon Marshall Compares Jets Season To A "Dirty Diaper"

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The New York Jets wide receiver has taken a hard-line stance on his team's ill-fated season, comparing their 5-11 record to "having a diaper on and never changing it."

The comments came on Showtime's "Inside the NFL"—a show that has featured Marshall on multiple occasions. Marshall has been a centerpiece in his team's irritation all season long, getting into fights with teammates and constantly complaining about every little thing. At 32 years old, it appears he's already looking ahead to his post football career as a broadcaster.

Marshall's full interview on the program was salient. He touched on some of the reasons why he loves football and why he'd just about play the game for free if he had to. It's a sentiment seldom heard in this era of glamour and high contracts.

One area he addressed was his ongoing feud this season with teammate Sheldon Richardson. He clarified the notion that they aren't speaking to one another by saying, "I have no ill will towards Sheldon. That's my teammate. I think he is a hell of a player. And since the first day I stepped foot on campus this guy has done nothing but try to be the best person that he can be and the best football player he can be."

Brandon Marshall could be released before the start of next season, as the Jets are fully expected to clean house—even though he's due to be paid $7.5 million in 2017. The Jets won five fewer games than in 2015, one of the biggest declines in win totals in their history.

Naturally, they will not be competing in this year's playoffs, but both the Miami Dolphins and New England Patriots will be. The AFC West and East each displayed their dominance by sending two teams to the postseason, and the West could have easily sent three had the Broncos qualified.

This weekend we will see how their divisional opponents from Miami will pan out on the road against the Pittsburgh Steelers. It would be fitting if the following week we see Miami travel to New England. Otherwise, we'd likely see Pittsburgh go to Kansas City. That one might be a better match-up.

It's a bit surprising that New York elected not to fire head coach Todd Bowles, who's on thin ice at the very least, but time will tell. The start of the 2017 season will mean everything for the direction of the franchise.

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