Looking For Beers To Try Out This Spring? Here’s Your List

March 1, 2017 | Brian


Springtime is here! Well, almost. It’s March 1st after all so we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. In honor of the forthcoming season here are the best beverages for whistle wetting…

Sam Adams Alpine Spring

Anything by Samuel Adams is good, IMO, but this spring beer is just so darn rejuvenating. It’s difficult to put into words, but the Alpine Spring seriously tastes like the beer version of an alpine spring. It’s reasonably hoppy with some balanced maltiness, while having a subtle burst of citrus (but not too much). No matter the season, this beer would get the job done, but during the spring it tastes even better. Maybe that’s just a marketing illusion though.

Union Craft Steady Eddie

A spring wheat IPA from Baltimore, it’s a nice light break from traditional IPAs. Don’t get us wrong, it’s definitely an IPA, it’s just not on the same level of heftiness and not so overbearing.

Southern Tier Where the Helles Summer?

Southern Tier Brewing Company has some nice offerings year round. The beer that proceeds their Tangier summer beer is this “Where the Helles Summer?” Appropriate title you are not likely to forget.

Mayflower Spring Hope Ale

I’m probably partial to this because I love, love, love amber ales. This 5.2%er is another hoppy-filled option from a New England-based brewery. Flavorful in a good way, this is an underrated beer that we don’t see enough of on the west coast. Guess I need to book a trip to Massachusetts this spring.

Hopworks Urban Brewery

This amber ale offering from Hopworks checks in at about 5.8% ABV. It channels the northwest region in which it is brewed, using locally grown Cascade and Centennial hops. It’s organic beer, straight out the ground.

Firestone Walker Brewing Parabola

Not for the faint of heart, this 14% ABV Imperial Stout will ensure you never walk straight again, or at least not for several minutes after consuming it. For real beer drinkers this is a delicious, dark option featuring hints of bourbon and tobacco flavoring as well an espresso finish.

Elysian Brewing Company SuperFuzz

The psychedelic bottle is far out man, and the beer is pretty out there too. Featuring a blood orange peel finish and having concentrated blood orange throughout the fermentation process, brewers call this an Orangesploitation of sorts.

Whichever beverage you select or whistle wetting this spring, make sure you’re sipping it responsibly.

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