Benedict Cumberbatch Saves Cyclist From Four Muggers

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Benedict Cumberbatch has played Alan Turing, Sherlock Holmes, Doctor Strange, Julian Assange, Khan and Smaug, but he recently proved that he’s just as impressive off screen. This week, he channeled his super hero alter ego to intervene when he saw a gang of muggers attempting to rob a man on London’s Marylebone High Street. This happened, coincidentally, near Baker Street, the home of his other famous fictional character, Sherlock Holmes.

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Cumberbatch and his wife, Sophie Hunter, were riding in an Uber when he caught the incident happening right as they drove past. He jumped out of the vehicle and approached the four muggers, who were attacking a Deliveroo cyclist. Deliveroo is a subscription service that provides food delivery for customers all over the city. The criminals were attempting to steal the worker’s bike.

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Witnesses reported seeing Cumberbatch yell at the attackers and physically drag them off and away from the victim. One of the onlookers was his Uber driver, Manuel Dian, who said Cumberbatch "jumped out, ran over and pulled the men away. They turned towards him and things looked like they were getting worse, so I joined in… I had hold of one lad and Benedict another. He seemed to know exactly what he was doing. He was very brave. He did most of it, to be honest. They tried to hit him, but he defended himself and pushed them away. He wasn't injured.”

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Once the gang left, Benedict made sure the victim was okay and even hugged him. A spokesman for Deliveroo thanked Cumberbatch for his “heroic action” and in response he said, “I did it out of … well, I had to, you know.”

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