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Has culinary experimentation gone too far? For some, crazy food creations are a sign that a lot of people have no idea how to take care of themselves. For others, the boundaries should continue to be pushed, regardless of how unhealthy and unreasonable the end results can be. There aren’t many food items more popular than pizza and burritos, so it makes sense that someone would go way outside of the box and attempt to combine them.

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The New York restaurant Russo's House of Pizza has created the “pizzarito”, a 7-pound rolled-up pizza stuffed with mozzarella sticks, pasta and and a variety of other toppings. Pictures and video of this mammoth meal have made their way online and people don’t know what to think. Maybe it’s the added pasta and mozzarella sticks that have pushed some people too far, but either way, this divisive creation is getting a lot of attention.

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Russo’s is located in Pearl River, NY and they’re gaining international notoriety online for their invention of the insane pizzarito. Many wonder if it’s more of a burrito, or more of a pizza, and the answer is definitely the latter. It’s essentially a regular pizza, with the added toppings discussed earlier, as well as chicken parmesan and pepperoni, rolled into the shape of a burrito. No tortilla, beans or salsa here. But you can add spaghetti and garlic knots.

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While it sounds like something from a ridiculous food challenge, it’s actually just an item on the menu, no pressure to finish the whole thing in a certain amount of time on your own. And according to people who’ve tasted it, it’s actually really good. Check out the video below to see it being made and enjoyed…

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