Beer Ramen Isn’t What You Think

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This odd combination of two very popular food items is available in British Columbia, Canada at Yuu Japanese Tapas. But it’s more ramen than beer. It's simply served in a mug, with a non-alcoholic broth that’s actually made with chilled bonito. And the foam on top is just egg whites and gelatin, which is added to complete the appearance.

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So this dish doesn’t taste like beer, but it certainly looks like it would, and this is causing a lot of people to have a pretty negative reaction. But the idea came from a good place. As Vancouver went through a horrible heat wave, the restaurant thought it would be fun to offer some kind of cold option for their hot customers, many of whom enjoy the creative presentation. Others feel it can’t compete with the more traditional options that have helped make this simple meal so beloved all over the world.

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Julia Kubotani , the owner, told Insider, “Thankfully we had a very hot summer this year in Vancouver and one day I was just sitting on the couch and it was so hot and thought about icy cold beer. And the next thing I thought, ‘why not beer ramen?’” So they started by putting cooked ramen noodles in an ice bath to cool them off before they go into the giant stein. Then the cold broth and fake foam are added to complete the dish, which comes with a choice of fried vegetables or chicken, as well as a variety of sides. Check out the video below to learn more…

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