How "Beat The Freeze" Guy is Living Out His Dream in an Unexpected Way

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26 year old Nigel Talton is fast. He ran track in high school and did it so well that he ended up running in college too, at Iowa Wesleyan and Shorter University.

Here's Talton in his element, finishing in second place in this race—the 2012 NAIA Indoor semis of the 60-meter dash.

Fast forward to 2017, and Talton runs professionally, just not in the way you'd expect. The Atlanta Braves have hired Talton to play a character called "The Freeze"—a guy who dresses in spandex and races fans across the warning track of SunTrust Park.

It might seem silly at first, but once you see the video your mind will change. This might be the greatest visual spectacle in the history of baseball gimmicks.

Feast your eyes on this pure magic.

I'm at a loss for words. It's hard to explain why this clip is so amazing, so we'll go with "it just is."

Apparently Talton began participating in contests with the Braves last season. In fact, his first showcase came during one of the final games played at Turner Field, where he raced a fan in the "stolen base challenge." In order to win, fans had to run from left field, pick up a base in the outfield behind second and bring it back to deep left field within 20 seconds. As you can imagine Talton handled them pretty easily.

But being "The Freeze" isn't without its difficulties. Talton says that the huge googles and spandex suit presents some serious problems in maneuverability—something that he's surely learning to adjust to given the frequency that the Braves use him.

What does Talton do in his free time? Work and train. He had been a full-time school security guard working from midnight to 8 am shifts, then going to train with the Kennesaw State track team at 10am.

His new goal is to compete at the 2018 world indoor championships taking place in England, which by the looks of it seems very doable. It's safe to assume he won't be donning the spandex or goggles for that event, unless of course he has a newfound appreciation for them now.

In the meantime, he's just feeling "blessed," and excited to see where all of this exposure from 'Beat The Freeze' takes him.

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