Bear Wandering Into A Liquor Store Caught On Camera

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A local business in Bristol, Connecticut called Crazy Bruce’s was recently invaded by a bear. Thankfully, it was relatively small, so much so that some who saw it outside actually thought it was a big dog. Regardless, it was still a definite threat. The whole incident was caught on camera and the footage shows how one employee rose to the occasion and saved the store from what could’ve ended up being a much worse situation.

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Anyone who lives near a wooded area knows that animal visitors are always a possibility. Some of the most beautiful cities, towns and neighborhoods around forests or mountains come with the dangerous downside of having to be prepared to deal with everything from deadly insects and reptiles to much bigger predators like wolves and bears. Their roads are filled with signs warning of random animal crossings and residents on the outskirts have to make sure to keep their doors locked and windows closed just in case an unwanted creature decides to show up.

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Bristol is located about 20 miles southwest of Hartford, right off of Cedar Lake and surrounded by woods filled with bears and other curious carnivores. They’re almost always motivate by hunger and the delicious smells coming from inside the suburban areas. While Crazy Bruce’s wasn’t cooking anything, they certainly have plenty to drink. Luckily, the bear only made it into the first set of doors before a quick-thinking worker locked the second set that leads into the actual store. But then…

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In the video taken by the store's security cameras, a man is seen entering the space where the bear was contained, but he was quickly ushered inside before anything bad happened. Check out the whole scene below...

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