50 Teachers Caught Doing Extracurricular Activities With Their Students

February 3, 2016 | Vivian

Sarah Jones
NY Daily News
Bad, Bad Teachers...

Remember the good ole days when teachers would teach, students would “take notes” and then everyone would go home at the end of the day in preparation for the next day, while counting down to the weekend? Yeah well that doesn’t happen anymore. It seems that these days both teachers and students are picking up some frisky extracurricular activities in their down time, with each other.

Now I don’t know what school was like for all of you, but when I was in school, teachers sleeping with students was taboo and unheard of. With the exception of a few cases that grew to be nationwide scandals, educators knew better than to violate the sacred teacher/student relationship. But now teacher/student scandals are everywhere you look and let me just say, these teachers are smoking HOT. I guess if my teachers looked more like these women and less like Mrs. Doubtfire, I’d stay after school for some extra tutoring too. Click the NEXT button below to start the show!