Athlete Outfits That Didn't Perform Well

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Kerri Walsh, Beach Volleyball Player

When you are wearing a sports bra and tiny bikini bottoms, there isn’t much chance you won’t end up showing something to the crowd. One half of American beach volleyball team, Kerri Walsh ended up losing her bottoms after diving in the sand for a ball during a match. But let’s be honest, in those outfits, her butt is pretty much out most of the time anyway, so she probably didn’t even notice.

This must happen a lot.


Butt No


Icy Nipples

Ekaterina Rubleva, a former ice skater from Russia had an unfortunate nip-slip during the European Figure Skating Championships. However the incident did put her name on the map, and we’re still talking about it, so...

Venus Williams has her own high end, athletic clothing line. It is a beautiful design, but unfortunately is susceptible to sudden breezes.

The future hall of famer is a former world number 1, and is still ranked inside of the top 20 even at age 35. She has amassed 49 career titles including 7 grand slams.

Needless to say, she has many things to be remember for besides this moment. Venus and her sister combine for 28 total grand slam singles titles.

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