Are Tennis Balls Yellow Or Green?

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Roger Federer, arguably the greatest tennis player of all time, recently weighed in on the tennis ball color debate. The Internet has been arguing about whether tennis balls are yellow or green. While Federer said yellow, he added “right?” to his answer, showing that even he isn’t sure. And this has happened before...

Wikimedia Commons via Flickr: Roland Garros 2012

Back in 2015, a photograph of “The Dress” went viral when people couldn’t agree on the colors. Some argued the dress was white and gold, while others thought it was black and blue. The latter ended up being correct, but the phenomenon led to some interesting insights into how human beings perceive color.


As unusual as it might sound, especially if you happen to see yellow, there is actually a fierce discussion raging online about the real color of tennis balls. People are basically divided right down the middle. An expert in color perception added some actual science to the argument, claiming that people who see tennis balls as yellow, saw the dress as gold and white, while those who see tennis balls as green saw the dress as blue and black. Does this mean there is a definitive answer like there was back in 2015?

Wikimedia Commons

The only way to really know the truth is to go to the source. If most people can’t ultimately say one way or the other, surely tennis ball manufacturers can. At the very least, they should be able to clarify what color the tennis balls are meant to be. Apparently, the actual color used is called Optic Yellow, but does this settle the debate if half the world sees green? We might never know. Either way, watch the video below to learn about some cool life hacks using tennis balls...

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