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Apple is the biggest technology company in the world. They’ve revolutionized a variety of products from computers, software and applications to smartphones and tablets. As they continue to push the limits of consumer tech, their hundreds of millions of users always have something to look forward to. Here are some new products Apple is looking to make available soon.

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According to a recently released report, Apple will launch three new iPhones this year. November 2017 saw the arrival of the iPhone 8, the iPhone 8 plus, and the iPhone X, from which these new products will derive many of their design elements and features. Of the three new products, one will be a cheaper version of the X, another will be its direct successor, and the final, and most notable, will be significantly larger and feature Apple’s biggest smartphone screen yet.

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While these are still just rumors, with the actual release more than likely taking place later in the year, they come from dependable sources and make sense given Apple’s previous schedule and production trends. The report also suggests that they will continue to move beyond the Touch ID fingerprint reader to the TrueDepth Face ID. The cheaper version will use an LCD display, will all three featuring the edge-to-edge screen.

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Alongside the new iPhones, there are also rumors surrounding the potential release of a cheaper version of its very popular 13 inch Macbook Air. In the past the company hasn’t made many changes to the previous model, other than making it even thinner.

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There are also plans to update their high end headphones, the AirPods, as well as over the ear headphones, and their breakthrough home speaker, the HomePod. Consumers are also excited about the potential for upgraded iPads (one with Face ID), a Series 4 Apple Watch, and multiple desktop and laptop computers. 2018 is shaping up to be another great year for Apple and its consumers.

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