"Almost Everyone on the Plane Threw Up"

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While flying is arguably the best way to travel long distances, it definitely has plenty of downsides. You have to get to the airport early, go through the incredibly annoying security process and navigate the confusing terminal to find your gate. And that’s all before you even get on the plane. The speed and convenience with which airlines are able to get customers where they want to go, are met with some equally powerful risks.

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Of all the concerns about the actual flight, from taking off to landing safely, none are more terrifying than the threat of turbulence. It mostly just causes some temporary discomfort, but always reminds everyone that crashing is a possibility. Other than actually going down, there’s almost nothing worse than being bounced around in a small space thousands of feet in the air.

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This nightmare became a reality for passengers of an early morning United Airlines flight from Charlottesville, Virginia to Washington Dulles International Airport. In what is being called #Windmageddon, a small, 50-passenger plane encountered over 70 mph winds as it made its descent. The monster nor’easter, or a macro-scale cyclone, caused everyone to experience the rockiest landing ever, and eventually led to multiple cancellations throughout the rest of the day.

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A report from the Aviation Weather Center, seen above, even recounted the unbelievable event. It’s certainly common for one or two people to experience nausea on a bumpy flight, but this one will go down in history for not only causing almost every passenger to get sick, but also the crew. While the flight attendants and the pilots kept it together, the fact that they almost fell victim to the turbulence just goes to show how bad it was.


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