Allison Stokke Is Going Viral Right Now...I See Why

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This 26-year-old pole vaulting beauty is Allison Stokke, and she's my new internet crush. Back in 2007, the photo above was posted online...and all hell broke loose on the web. Allison's fame has since simmered down...I have no idea why.

After graduating high school in Newport Beach, CA, Allison attended college at UC Berkley where she continued to make women's pole vaulting a must watch sport.

Not only does this high-flying brunette have the looks...she also has the brains, Allison recently received her Master's degree from Berkley.

What's next for Allison? Well it seems as if she's been training and competing in various pole vaulting competitions we hope she's preparing for the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio. If she makes the U.S. team you could bet I'll be watching women's pole vaulting (for the first time ever).

Allison has seen a major decline in digital stalkers since being catapulted into internet stardom back in 2007, but she still has a fairly large fan base.

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To keep her fan base growing, Allison is doing some creative videography with her GoPro attaching it to her pole and letting her fans take a high-flying ride with her. One of my favorite YouTube videos ever (link to the video at the end of this post).

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Apparently Allison has a waterproof case for her GoPro, because she's even shooting videos of her pole vaulting underwater! Training underwater seems to be the cool thing to do...sure looks good on video.

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Whatever Allison has been doing to market herself has been working...since she is now sponsored by Nike. These Nike photoshoot images are some of my favorite...she looks crazy ripped.


Image Source: tumblr

It seems that no matter what angle you catch her, even when she's not paying attention, she still looks amazing!

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Allison's form is flawless...

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Her concentration, unshakable.

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Warming up is crucial!

Image Source: Instagram

Not sure why, but for some reason Allison is currently trending most in Finland.

Image Source: oriooli

The United States is second and Hong Kong third as far as search volume (according to Google Trends).

Image Source: oriooli
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Even though Stokke's internet sensationialism (did I just create a new word!?!) has cooled down, she's still pretty popular.

Image Source: Instagram

Allison has over 38,000 Instagram followers and over 18,000 Twitter followers (and counting).

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Image Source: Instagram

She doesn't just pole vault though. Allison also seems to enjoy paddle boarding and golfing according to her Instagram.

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Fingers crossed she makes it on the US Olympic team, I'll be pulling for her.

Image Source: Instagram

Click here to see Allison Stokke's Pole Vaulting Video

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