4 Advantages To Becoming a Freelancing Bro

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Freelancing is the new office. There are 53 million people in the U.S. doing freelance work, which equates to 34% of the national workforce, and that number continues to rise. As more jobs continue to go online, there are more opportunities for personal freelance gigging than ever before.

Why do it? Here are some of the advantages.


The freedom to set your own schedule can be nice. Deciding which hours to work versus which hours you'll be taking care of other things is a nice luxury, one that can actually help you be more productive.

Flexibility doesn't mean you work a shorter week or somehow have an easier workload, it just means you have more freedom to choose when to work. This isn't easy for everyone, it requires discipline and goal setting to make sure you're getting everything accomplished.

Where flexibility is quite nice is when it comes down to making big decisions on projects. In most corporate jobs you'd have to leap through a series of hoops, going through various supervisors, managers, and meetings where your ideas would be scrutinized over repetitively (even if they are good ideas). As a freelancer, you are your supervisor and manager.

Financial Independence

There's no better feeling than delivering a tough assignment for a client, then cashing in on that personal paycheck. Indeed financial independence is great, most of the time.

It's not so great if you're having a slow month or choose to take time off from work. Controlling your income means the sky is the limit, but the ground can also be reached with a loud, resounding thud.

Travel Costs

The majority of modern freelance jobs let you work from home. This cuts down on gas, food (eating out), and most importantly time. If you can discipline yourself enough to work from home, at a local coffee shop, or library, you will be astounded to see how much money you'll each month. Even if you drive 20 minutes each way to a corporate job, that can add up to $100's more each month in gas.


I guess this ties into financial independence, but self-reliance is even more all-encompassing. It's the idea that you can fully support yourself, and thrive, with your set of skills.

It's what drives entrepreneurs and freelancers alike. The ability to do your own thing, take pride in it and grow. That's a very special feeling to say the least.


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