The 5th Best Women's Soccer Team In The World Lost Badly To An Under-15 Boy's Team

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It's not clear why the Australian Women's National Team decided to indulge in sadism, but over the weekend they faced off against a team of teenage boys, losing 7-0.

The match was dubbed a "training exercise" for the women's World Cup squad, who was missing several of their top international players. The winning team was the youth squad of the A-League's Newcastle Jets, comprised of youngsters barely in high school.

The Matildas are no slouches, having reached the semifinals of the Women's World Cup in 2015. They may not have had all of their international stars for the affair, but it's still a shattering defeat.

In addition to the scoreline, the loss provides a negative spin to the 21st century feminist narrative that women rule and men drool. Or at least that's what I learned in school.

Reactions on social media were quite entertaining, to say the least. Including one from a male Australian national player.

The Matilda's coach cited "physical differences" as the reason for their defeat.

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