The 44 Most Astonishing Archaeological Finds In History

Archaeological Marvels
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The dream of every archaeologist is to make a find that changes the way we think about history. Something ancient, unexpected and marvelous. While most archaeology isn’t as exciting as it’s portrayed in movies, some of it is. These archaeological discoveries were all truly incredible. Many of them pose mysteries that remain unsolved.

For starters, archaeologists made a shocking discovery underneath bathhouses of Roman antiquity. They found collections of baby bones in the sewers built beneath them. Killing babies that were seen as unfit was a common practice in Sparta, but not in Rome. The find suggests that the Romans took a grisly note from their Spartan neighbors.


The Rosetta Stone was one of the most important archaeological finds ever made. A French soldier came across it in Egypt in 1799. The stone tablet displayed three blocks of text, a decree of King Ptolmey V issued around 200 BC, translated into Egyptian hieroglyphics, Ancient Greek and Demotic Script. It was the key that allowed us to decipher hieroglyphics.


The Easter Islands are best known for the enormous human stone figures that decorate them. It is still unknown how the island’s residents could have constructed such enormous statues, or why.