These Are The 37 Most Hazardous Jobs In America

May 2, 2017 | Matt

34. Radiologist

Think you have a dangerous job? If yours isn’t on this list, there are people out there who have it worse. The occupations listed here are all ranked as the most potentially harmful to your health.

These jobs are ranked based on Occupational Information Network data. The OIN is a database of job-related information maintained by the Department of Labor. Job riskiness is judged by referencing six categories of occupational health risk: exposure to contaminants, exposure to disease and infection, exposure to hazardous conditions, exposure to radiation, risk of minor burns, cuts, bites and stings, and time spent sitting.

Median annual salary: $206,920
Overall unhealthiness score: 52.8
Top three health risks:
1. Exposure to radiation: 87
2. Exposure to disease and infections: 85
3. Time spent sitting: 74

Tied for the rank of 34th most dangerous job, radiology involves diagnosing physical maladies through the use of X-rays and radioactive materials. Sound like fun?