These People Of Walmart Are Awesome

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In 2009, three friends in Harrison City, Pennsylvania started a blog called "People of Walmart." Originally meant to be just for their social circle, the blog was an almost instantaneous viral hit. On the blog, the friends uploaded photos they took of Walmart shoppers they found outlandish.

Visitors started uploading their own photos and, in short order, People of Walmart was a cultural phenomenon. Its popularity was driven, in large part, by people's love of public humiliation. Despite the dripping condescension (the editors call their subjects "Walcreatures"), most of the people posted just seem kind of awesome. These are our favorites.

People of Walmart

Krampus is seen here stocking up for the holidays. All those cargo pockets are full of children's souls. One thousand dollars says this guy is a high school history teacher who "makes history come alive." And he actually does. His students can all speak latin after the first semester.

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