22 Real Life Giants You Won’t Believe Exist

March 17, 2017 | Matt

These Are Real Giants
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Whether they have the condition of gigantism or they’re just unnaturally swoll, the people on this list are all so big that your eyes may tell you they were photoshopped. But they weren’t.

This guy is a 25 year old Brazilian bodybuilder who is not, in fact, Steve-O. He used an injected drug called Synthol to bulk himself up, and the consequences were severe.

He almost had to have both arms amputated. Thankfully, doctors managed to extract the excess drug from his system without having to remove any limbs.



This guy is another Brazilian bodybuilder who abused Synthol. His muscles inflated dramatically. His biceps were 29 inches in circumference.

But he got a wakeup call when a friend of his, who was also using Synthol, died from drug complications. He bailed on Synthol himself, before things got dire.



And this guy, an arm wrestling champion and pro bodybuilder, is from the Ukraine. He was recognized as freakishly strong when he was only 11.

He weighs over 300 pounds and has biceps that are 25″ in circumference.