18 Celebrities Who Have Suffered From Aging

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Maintaining one's looks is no easy feat, but some people fall seriously off the wagon. Celebrities are usually exempt from this drop off in appearance, since they can throw lots of money at the problem. But the following stars clearly misplaced their last royalty check. Here are a few celebs that look very 'different' these days...

Star Singers Star Singers

She was the IT girl in the 90's, but where is she now?

Johnny Lopez Johnny Lopez

The 90's music star has used plastic surgery to completely transform her image, literally. Has she aged well? We may never know, because she has been totally artificially adjusted. Meanwhile, here's another drastic transformer...

Kulture Klash Kulture Klash

Mickey before the myriad of surgeries...


The younger Mickey Rourke was quite a stud. But this Rumble Fish star suffered a serious car accident many years ago causing him to conceal the damage with plastic surgery. We are just now starting to get used to this new Mickey Rourke.

Dailymail Dailymail

Remember the young Val? Let's fast forward...

Celebitchy Celebitchy

Needless to say, Mr. Kilmer isn't quite as svelte as when he donned the Batman costume. But the actor is now receiving more humorous roles in movies which probably serve him better.

Ghana Vibes Ghana Vibes

The Home Alone star isn't such an innocent little kid anymore...

Telegraph Telegraph

Yes, times have been better for Culkin, as he has struggled to book steady gigs of late. He and Mila Kunis dated for awhile before breaking up amicably, and Culkin is currently dating from All My Children actress Jordan Lane Price.

Imgur Imgur

The 67 year old has had a wild life in the hard rock scene, but how much as he changed in recent years?


Growing up dealing with dyslexia and attention deficit disorder, Ozzy has overcome the odds to achieve monstrous success in music. He looks completely different these days, but he's still the same old Ozzy. After a popular reality TV show, Osbourne has hit the road with his old band Black Sabbath to perform one final tour.

Picky Wallpapers Picky Wallpapers

Mean Girls, Parent TrapFreaky Friday. These are three great movies we all know and love. They made the early 2000's worth living. So where is Lindsay Lohan today?

SF Examiner SF Examiner

Lohan has appeared sporadically in films over the past five years. In 2014, she debuted in a stage performance of David Mamet's Speed-the-Plow in London's West End, which critics received as "lukewarm."

Who's next? Stay tuned...

Cinemazzi Cinemazzi

The heartthrob of Basic Instinct and Casino has changed in appearance over the decades...

Dailymail Dailymail

Stone is still a hot commodity, but her looks have been altered by time. Her biggest success in recent years is starring in the film Alpha Dog, with Bruce Willis as well as in When a Man Falls in the Forest.

Fanpop Fanpop

Born Destiny Hope Cyrus, this lady's destiny was stardom. Miley was the all-American girl throughout her teens, starring in the Disney Channel hit show Hannah Montana. Of course, now she's dominating the pop music sphere.

Music Times Music Times

Her emphasis has switched from 'adorable pop chick' to 'twerking goddess.' Despite many critics, Miley has successfully transitioned from appealing to teenagers to becoming a mainstream, adult hit.

Chicago Sun Times Chicago Sun Times

Jenner is obviously famous for taking the 1976 gold medal in the decathlon in the Montreal Summer Olympics, but as we all know, Bruce has changed his name... and a few other things...

In Touch Weekly In Touch Weekly

Caitlyn Jenner has become a pop cultural icon after receiving a sex change operation at age 65. She is still featured on the show Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Huffington Post Huffington Post

After overcoming a difficult childhood, Rose found solace in rock n' roll. But "Welcome to the Jungle" came out in 1987, which was about three decades ago by my math. How have things gone for Axl since these days? A little rocky...

The Times.co.uk The Times.co.uk

Guns N' Roses were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame during their first year of eligibility in 2012. To celebrate the 25th anniversary of their album Appetite for Democracy, Rose joined the guys in residencies at The Joint in Las Vegas. As of 2016, former members Slash and Duff McKagan are set to return to the band in a 'reunited' performance at Coachella 2016.

SF Gate SF Gate

Making her initial breakthrough in Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In, Hawn is a Hollywood icon who teamed up with Kurt Russell to become a perennial Hollywood power couple. She also is the mother of Kate Hudson. So where is she today?

Pop Sugar Pop Sugar

Hawn has no film credits since 2002, but her partner Kurt Russell is still active. Instead, Goldie contributes to various charities and causes while supporting her daughter Kate's acting career. Can you notice the resemblance?

The Place 2 The Place 2

You are looking at John Connor from Terminator 2: Judgment Day. The part earned him an MTV Movie Award for Best Breakthrough Role as well as a Saturn Award for best young actor. A couple years later he was featured in Aerosmith's music video for the hit "Livin' on the Edge." In 1998, he starred in the classic movie American History X. We haven't heard much out of the actor lately, as he has slowly faded from the limelight...

Ace Show Biz Ace Show Biz

Due to multiple run-ins with the law, Furlong has struggled to obtain acting work since the early 2000's. His battles with substance abuse and alcoholism were legendary, but he's since declared "I don't even think about anymore. It seems lonely now: running and clubbing and doing coke."

Wikimedia Wikimedia

The well-known prop comedian has been a Las Vegas mainstay for the better part of two decades. His rapid fire form of comedy, in which he invokes dozens of different items into the act, is still very popular. After botox, plastic surgeries, and steroids, how does Carrot Top look today?

Huffington Post Huffington Post

Carrot Top has arguably had work done to his face and body. But as plastic surgery rumors swirl, the comedian has landed voice over parts as well as guest appearances on comedy shows like MADtv and The Wayans Bros.

Tumblr - 80s-90s-supermodels Tumblr - 80s-90s-supermodels

Le Brock began her modeling career at age 16, and went on to have a successful acting career in the 80's and 90's. At her peak, she was married to hugely famous movie star Steven Seagal, and starred opposite him in Hard to Kill. But her appearance has changed in recent times. Does she still look incredible? You be the judge...

Newsmax Newsmax

The actress is now in her mid-50s, and appears to have received work in multiple areas. She is the fifth star in the hit made for TV movie 12 Gifts of Christmas.

Rolling Stone Rolling Stone

The Rolling Stones legend has lived a famously wild life. There is a running joke that Keith has actually died on multiple occasions and is in fact a walking corpse. We call those zombies nowadays. Whether this is true? We may never know. But one thing we do know is that Richards looks pretty ragged these days...

Mojo 4 Music Mojo 4 Music

The 72 year old is still active after 50 years of touring and recording music. Somehow, someway, Keith is still alive and kicking. In 2015, he released a solo studio album called Crosseyed Heart. He owns approximately 3,000 guitars by many different guitar manufacturers.

Gazette Review Gazette Review

The Star Wars goddess is still acting and still in Star Wars movies. After starring in the original movies, she suffered a bit of a dry spell. But when she was approached to be featured in Episode 7, Fisher was encouraged to drop weight.

Dailymail Dailymail

Fisher has struggled with drug addiction over the years, especially between prescription medication usage and cocaine addiction. The stress of this addiction led to her vast weight gain. She subsequently lost about 30 pounds for her role in the latest Star Wars film.

Telegraph Telegraph

Pamela Anderson was arguably the most beautiful woman of the 1990's, gracing the TV screen with her role in Baywatch. Since then, it has been all plastic surgery all the time and the situation has gotten increasingly more plastic.

Mirror Mirror

Anderson has suffered from a sexually transmitted disease along with many questionable plastic surgery decisions. Thankfully, she has been Hepatitis free since September 2015. Good for Pam!

Mirror Mirror

Dubbed the "first supermodel" of her generation, Dickinson has became a major name brand in the fashion world, appearing in every magazine from Cosmopolitan to Vogue, and yes, Playboy.

Ace Show Biz Ace Show Biz

Janice has had thousands of dollars of plastic surgery performed, with much of it highlighted on her numerous reality TV shows. She was featured on an episode of Botched, revealing ripples on her breasts left by a previous augmentation.

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