15 Fighter Jets That Would Win A Dogfight Against The F-15

March 15, 2017 | Brian


The F-15 is one of the most famous military aircraft around. It has achieved some pretty spectacular feats over the years, dazzling us with speed, agility, and all around sleekness. But is this Fourth Generation fighter the absolute best? Is it really the most superior fighter jet of them all? Maybe, maybe not.

Let’s determine the answer to this age old question by comparing the F-15 to other great fighter jets of recent years.


The Su-35 screams of stealthiness. After all, it was produced explicitly with stealth operations in mind. The F-15? Well, not so much. Albeit the F-15 boasts a decent five meters squared average radar cross section, it isn’t quite on par with the Su-35’s radar cross section of one to three meters. This essentially means that the Su-35 will take longer to pop up on enemy radars.

As far as weapons are concerned, the Su-35 contains 12 or more hardpoints for carrying missiles while the F-15 has just 8. Great if you’re a pacifist, bad if you need some heavy ammo.

Conversely, the F-15 carries the day when it comes to maintainability. The Su-35 is characteristic of several creations that came out during the former Soviet Union—it was affordable to make but couldn’t outlast father time.