10 Surprisingly Affordable, Exotic Vacations You Need To Take Immediately

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When you think of going on vacation, does your wallet shrink up and crawl under your bed, shaking with fear? If so, it's time to coax out your wallet from the darkness and instill a newfound confidence in it. Sure, a bucket list is a good thing to have but it's actually possible to check off "travel the world" without becoming a pauper.
Here are ten places around the globe that you can easily travel to and avoid spending a fortune:

The Azores, Portugal

A true vacation destination, you can interact with the locals at the various natural swimming pools (actually volcanic craters!) and hang out in the beautiful natural surroundings.

You can find 4-star hotels as low as $124 a night so you won't be sleeping on the streets here. The Azorians have their very own culture and traditions separating them from mainland Portugal - check out the island's Carnaval bash!

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Whatever you decide to do, you'll be able to chill out and relax in a relatively pristine island environment. Not too shabby.

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